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03 June 2019

The Awakening

It seemed like it really was only a matter of time before it happened. We had been flirting for weeks. He had made it clear he wanted to sleep with me, but I hadn’t been with anyone in a long time and it had been terrible at best.

It was a last minute decision, he left work early and I decided I ...
05 March 2019

Le Petit Morte

The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steels body for he knew he was about to encounter a woman that mentally he knew was beyond his limits. She oozed that sensual prowess with a quiet confidence, but it radiated from her persona like a beacon in the night ...
01 February 2019

A very sexy encounter ....

It was a cold winters night. The buildup towards tonight’s meeting had been intense and as I sat waiting I felt a twinge of nervousness, something I don’t normally experience. I decided to calm the nerves with a glass of bourbon, Makers Mark of course.

As I sat on my couch and sipped my drink my ...
23 January 2019

Our first time

The first time we meet, we were both so shy and quiet. To be expected  as our spouses are at home. You were 100% not my type… sporty, spikey hair, covered in tatts, no formal education, two meters tall (ok, the height is totally my thing). You were perfect for what I wanted. Hot sex and lots of it.

You ...
21 January 2019

A Steamy encounter

A steamy encounter.

We have never met, but chatted briefly, & enough to know you’re a passionate dominant lover. The thought of that excites me. So we arrange to meet at a secluded motel. I am waiting inside with a sexy Leather lace up coat and panties on, and a pair of smoking hot high heels. I’m ...
18 January 2019

DTF - Part 3 (Your panties were white!)

Part 3 of 3.

He'd asked about condoms on the phone. I laughed and told him not to worry, I had my own. 'I'm a modern woman'! I assured him. He reached over and grabbed one, ripping open the foil packet and easing it down over the swollen tip of his cock. I was so ready for him. As soon as his ...
18 January 2019

The bubble bath

I just can't stop smiling, feeling so safe and protected in your arms, running my fingers over your cheek and jaw, loving the feel of the rough stubble that's just starting to grow. I love how you play with my hair, running your hands through it, smoothing it back from my forehead, making me almost purr ...
12 January 2019


You whisper in my ear that tonight you have something special in store……

You tell me to get undressed and to lay on the bed. There was something different about the way you DIRECTED me. There was  a tone of demand in your voice and I was liking it. You are wearing a sexy black nightie.

Using silk ...
04 January 2019

Teach Me

Seated on the lounge. I want you to guide me. Both verbally and physically. Start by talking with me about how you want me to make you feel and asking how I am feeling.

Your body language becoming more open as well as your legs. Flash your panties at me , but not too subtle.  Make eye contact with ...
04 January 2019


You’re sitting on the edge of the bed brushing your hair. We are both still naked after our shower and I position myself so that I am sitting behind you with my legs on either side of you. I gently take the brush from you and continue to brush your hair. Intermittently I pause and kiss your neck or gently ...
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