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06 July 2019

First time swinger

My heart is pounding and my hands are sweaty as we reach the destination where we are about to meet a couple where i hope i can be comfortable and confident enough to have my first experience of a night filled with sexual playfulness.

Rob holds my hand tight and smiles at me before knocking on the ...
26 June 2019

Our Unicorn. Part 1

As a couple we had little experience in the sharing world. After a failed attempt at a swingers club we ventured onto RHP, we had 3-4 months of no shows, fake profiles and not very good threesome where we just didn't click.

Then about to give up our search we met our unicorn. Jessica. She was forward, ...
09 June 2019

The Fiji Experience

Darren and Kathryn had known each other for a couple of months. Both had come from a similar set of circumstances where intimacy within their lives was missing, unfulfilling, or non existent.

Both had craved more from life which led them both to discovering each other on an adult website. Neither ...
14 May 2019

Daily Perve

I used to be a creature of habit. You could set my watch by the time I walked out the door each morning. Lately life has intervened and I struggle to catch the same train each day. This doesn’t sit well with my personality, so admiring you from afar was one of the ways I centred myself before a stressful ...
19 April 2019

Fitness Training

I had been online for a while. I received a message from a very basic profile with no photo. I’m always very suspicious of these type of profiles and I normally delete them straight away. Maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was the fact I had the day off work and I was chilled out in a relaxed manner on ...
30 August 2018

One Thing Just Leads to Another part2

One Thing Just Leads to Another    Please read the first instalment before part 2

“Mmmmmmm, that’s so good”, groaned Julie as my hands spread the oil further across her back and shoulders.  Her skin was soft and smooth. There was a hint of a tan to her English-Rose complexion.

“You certainly ...
21 August 2018

One thing just leads to another

I slid the heavy chrome butt-plug slowly down the crack between your arse cheeks. It glistened in a hazy, almost organic way from the slippery lubricant I had lavishly smeared over the bulbous head. It left a snail trail as it ventured further and then its tip found your tightly puckered hole.

For ...
06 July 2018

Our first Bukkake from a group from RHP

While it may be argued that RHP is geared mainly for singles and couples, whenever I come on here it’s because we are looking for specific experiences in our sexual repertoire.

To that end RHP has enabled us to meet couples, single guys and also groups. (The right single female still eludes is ...
25 May 2018

Hot night out in Melbourne

John and Lesley had flown into Melbourne the day before and had spent the day exploring Melbourne and doing some shopping and were now back at their hotel getting ready for their evening meet up with Mike and Elle.

They had been conversing with them both through RHP for some considerable time and ...
08 January 2018

A Datefinder With Kink.

After expressing an interest and messaging a single woman’s datefinder, I had a reply saying that she found my profile of interest but wanted to discuss her wishes further to ensure I was the one she was looking for. In  essence she wanted to be submissive to a stranger..., but one she could trust not ...
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