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25 February 2019

An extended appointment...

It was a busy Friday, almost time for my lunch break and he called me into his office. I knew he had a client, I saw her when she entered the building. Hair flowing. Long jacket. Heels.

I knocked before I entered. Peering around the door I see her laying on his desk. Blindfolded. And naked. His head ...
27 January 2019

The one that got away...

We had often spoke about having a threesome but never done anything about it... after all how does one organise a threesome? After doing a bit of online research it turns out these can be organised quite easily!

I decided to surprise my husband on an interstate trip away and placed an ad wanting ...
18 January 2019

Taken at the bar

The pub was crowded, the music was pumping and the lines at the bar were 4 deep. It was noisy with a live band performing in the corner, people were dancing and there was a great vibe in the air. I was feeling fantastic and having a great time with my girlfriends. We'd been to dinner and were now sitting ...
07 January 2019



Its late one night at a beautiful resort nobody around and most of the lights were already out. He was walking by the pool when he noticed a super hot chick looking very relaxed she had long hair beautiful fake tits, wide hips in a revealing string bikini and lying in a seductive pose over ...
05 January 2019

Night At The Cinema

I have seen you in your office working a few times now we have spoken and laughed about the way I flirt and tease, your now dressing in a way to make shore I notice what you are wearing. I leave two tickets on your desk (you have told me that your involved with someone) Sitting alone in a cinema and ...
21 December 2018

The Drive

It’s a beautiful day and you had suggested we just get in the car and go for a drive.Whenever  we drive anywhere you always rest your hand on my thigh as I drive.  As I glance across at you my heart skips a beat and my entire body ‘melts’.  I feel so comfortable with you.

As we continue along the ...
18 December 2018

Domination under a tree

It was a shady spot under trees hidden by brush and close to the water. We lie naked in this peaceful and beautiful place knowing people are walking by unawares to our presence.

We chat and laugh whilst we slowly explore each other’s skin. I love her touch and I love how she easily runs her fingers ...
25 November 2018

Hot and sneaky quickies during the work day

There was this guy I had been chatting to for years on line but we had never met in person. One day he messages me to tell me he’s working in the city for the week and was only a 3 minute walk to my office. We were flirting and talking dirty and he convinced me to meet him at the train station close ...
21 October 2018

My Dark Desire

It’s a warm, balmy evening as I drive into the Woolworths carpark and park in the dark spot at the back near the trees that I had scouted the previous evening.

My heart is fluttering in nervous anticipation of what I’m about to do.

I exit my car and try not to look around as I head towards the ...
18 July 2018

Wife fantasy for sex with a stranger in public

First fantasy story and probably one of the most common for both sexes. However this one is apparently in the top 5 of fantasys for females. Remember this is fiction - or is it!

Her friends called her Lizzie but she preferred to be called just Liz. Recently turned 35yrs with a loving husband and ...
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