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25 February 2019

Sexy Hotwife takes her first ‘Bull lover’ ....

She had been in back to back Executive meetings all day and as her partner was away in Melbourne for the week she was extremely horny as she had not played since she left her partners hotel room on Sunday afternoon.

He had been very persistent .. in fact he had been pursuing her online and via text ...
24 February 2019

pretty tied up

She sits at peace, cross-legged on the bed, while I blindfold her with scarlet silk. I let the ends of the blindfold trail down her naked back, teasing her skin into life. I run my fingertips as lightly as feathers across her back, breathing with her, tuning in to her body.

I unclip her bra and slide ...
14 February 2019

Our first Israeli party

We went into the car. Our masks were laid on the backseat.

Just an ordinary couple on their way to hang out on a Friday night.

I looked to my right as we began driving. I watched her get dressed for the party, I've known her for almost a decade, and yet - she amazes me each and every time. She ...
05 February 2019

Brothers - Part 4

I was trembling all over. My body was in full flight or fight mode. It was meant to have been a fun night, a chance for the brothers to reconcile and for me to get to know Damien a bit better. Looking up at him now I felt like he was the last person on earth I wanted to know! Even though he wasn’t as ...
21 January 2019

Brothers - Part 3

If I’d been flushed before I was positively nearly on fire now! I’d been caught, by my boyfriend, perving at another man. Not just any other man. His brother. A man who detested me and who quite honestly scared me. I was officially a class act! I quickly tried to compose myself and went over to the brothers. ...
18 January 2019

DTF - Part 3 (Your panties were white!)

Part 3 of 3.

He'd asked about condoms on the phone. I laughed and told him not to worry, I had my own. 'I'm a modern woman'! I assured him. He reached over and grabbed one, ripping open the foil packet and easing it down over the swollen tip of his cock. I was so ready for him. As soon as his ...
18 January 2019

DTF - Part 2 (Not here to fuck spiders)

Part 2 of a 3 part story.

I teasingly traced my tongue lower and lower, towards his puckered arse and waited for any tell-tale signs of encouragement or discomfort. When he arched his back, widened his legs and placed his feet on my shoulders I knew he was perfectly content with what I was doing. ...
18 January 2019

The bubble bath

I just can't stop smiling, feeling so safe and protected in your arms, running my fingers over your cheek and jaw, loving the feel of the rough stubble that's just starting to grow. I love how you play with my hair, running your hands through it, smoothing it back from my forehead, making me almost purr ...
17 January 2019

Brothers - Part 2

I had crawled back into bed with Shaun that night, my mind racing and my body raging with conflicting feelings. I replayed the scene over and over in my head, trying to come to term with the fact that my boyfriend’s brother may or may not have just assaulted me in the bathroom. Was assaulted the right ...
17 January 2019

Brothers - Part 1

We had so much fun at the party. I’d loved getting dressed up in my 6 strap garter belt and luxurious silky stockings, especially since those two pieces of underwear were the only ones I was wearing. Shaun had asked me to be naked underneath my dress, and feeling that was a fair request from my lover ...
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