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28 June 2019

Being financially dominated by the straight tradie (Part 2)

It had been three weeks since the night I had met up with the straight tradie for some financial domination fun.  I had not stopped thinking about that night since.  In fact, I had barely been able to think about anything else.  I was so distracted, spending countless hours every day replaying the whole ...
20 May 2019

His body not in my bed

I can feel the heat and the essence of masculinity.

Big arms, soft warm skin and muscles. The skin belonging to a hard-working man. Warm. Pliable.

If I move my body close to him in my slumber his hands always move to touch me intimately.

Touch me. Run over my body. Between my legs. The deep ...
07 May 2019


Thoughts lingered on the made up words that escaped his lips

absent minded utterances and sighs

unaware you and the walls

were the audience.

His face showed the emotion and

inside her, nothing went unnoticed.

Words caught inside his throat - he longed to tell her

how the light loved ...
15 March 2019

Raining Pleasure

Caught up with Miss Natalie much later in the day, more correctly later in the evening than I'd planned but she kindly picked me up and we filled the car up with petrol before heading back to her place for a kid free evening.  By the time we got home we were both fairly excited to be alone for a change

Natalie ...
12 March 2019

I"ve always loved the Haka.

It was a still and humid night as we made our way down to the foreshore in the uber.

Lesley as usual looked gorgeous in a fine white cotton dress, its neckline was low and revealed just enough cleavage to alert attention from potential admirers.

We were dropped in front of the Vat, which as usual ...
05 March 2019

Le Petit Morte

The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steels body for he knew he was about to encounter a woman that mentally he knew was beyond his limits. She oozed that sensual prowess with a quiet confidence, but it radiated from her persona like a beacon in the night ...
25 February 2019

Sexy Hotwife takes her first ‘Bull lover’ ....

She had been in back to back Executive meetings all day and as her partner was away in Melbourne for the week she was extremely horny as she had not played since she left her partners hotel room on Sunday afternoon.

He had been very persistent .. in fact he had been pursuing her online and via text ...
24 February 2019

pretty tied up

She sits at peace, cross-legged on the bed, while I blindfold her with scarlet silk. I let the ends of the blindfold trail down her naked back, teasing her skin into life. I run my fingertips as lightly as feathers across her back, breathing with her, tuning in to her body.

I unclip her bra and slide ...
05 February 2019

Brothers - Part 4

I was trembling all over. My body was in full flight or fight mode. It was meant to have been a fun night, a chance for the brothers to reconcile and for me to get to know Damien a bit better. Looking up at him now I felt like he was the last person on earth I wanted to know! Even though he wasn’t as ...
21 January 2019

Brothers - Part 3

If I’d been flushed before I was positively nearly on fire now! I’d been caught, by my boyfriend, perving at another man. Not just any other man. His brother. A man who detested me and who quite honestly scared me. I was officially a class act! I quickly tried to compose myself and went over to the brothers. ...
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