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06 June 2019

Kinky MMF

I had met this couple a few times now and we’d all become fairly comfortable with each other and how we play. This time we agreed we’d try and push some boundaries, her husband was bi-curious and I’m straight, but in the heat of the moment I can be flexible. I came to their house and the husband (I’ll ...
10 January 2019

Naughty wife

A husbands story!

So my wife and I had always been open minded with our sex life and enjoyed a handful of threesomes with women over the course of our relationship we decided to explore further and find a guy to join us ..we were looking for someone with  an easy going nature respectful of our relationship ...
12 December 2018

Journey to first bisexual threesome - Cont

This continues from my earlier story, this is a slightly embellished version (I added a leash and collar) of what happened ;)

The advert had yeilded good results, I must have posted it at just the right time because a few days later while I was at a party I recieved an alert that I had a new message ...
08 November 2018

Unexpected Pleasures part Two

After a few more drinks you suggest blindfolding me for some more fun.  Ive enjoyed the night so far so I agreed without too much hesitation.

After blindfolding me you kiss me passionately. Our tongues dancing wildly in each other’s mouths. Our hands all over each other.   Your lips move to my neck ...
05 November 2018

Theirs (Part 1)

I already knew I was going to go through with it. But I was nervous anyway.

I met them at a bar. The music was loud and the other people noisy enough that no one could hear our conversation. I could tell straight away they were happy with me. I’d sent them photos of myself. Face. Body. Cock. But ...
31 October 2018

Unexpected pleasures.

It starts out as a bit of fun after a few too many drinks. You, me and my mate Brad.  The conversation turns to sex. I’ve known for awhile that Brad has a bit of a thing for you but he is a good loyal mate and I trust him with you.   You are sitting beside me on the lounge and Brad is in a chair opposite ...
22 August 2018

Funny novice bisexu antics

Well it all started with my wife's single comment, "I'd love to see a manly man hands on your cock, and watch him suck it too" . I baulked, and said WTF... but the seed was planted and the thoughts turned into fantasies.

After a few weeks we hooked up with a guy, and we had an awesome time..
I enjoyed ...
25 June 2018

Changing Plan

I am hiking in the mountains, but a storm is coming and I am looking for accommodation. It starts raining and storming until I see a small hut in the distance. I was lucky, it was a restaurant with rooms and it was open.

I'm soaking wet. I walked in and a woman greeted me.

She is very pretty, ...
19 May 2018

Fantasy time MMF

This MMF has been a fantasy of mine for 15 years

I have thought about this a lot and it involves me being instructed and watched sucking your partners hard cock and watching him fuck my virgin arse.

I come to your room you answer the door in black lingerie and are in total control.

You make ...
12 March 2018

Recently, I was travelling overseas for business (Part 2)

John's cock was in Katherine's mouth, with my hand around his shaft, and John's cock became instantly fully erect.

His cock was long.  Very long.  But not thick.  And Katherine was completely obsessed with it.  She released my cock from her own hand and grabbed my wrist and removed my hand from ...
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