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17 April 2017

BBC Dreamtime

You are heading out for your job. You have 3 massage jobs to do at the State Basketball club. They booked you in to do your remedial massage on 3 of their players. You arrive at their offices and are shown to the rooms where you set up your gear as they go to get the 3 players.

About 15 minutes pass ...
05 September 2016

Our First Erotic Encounter - My Fantasy.

This is my first story about meeting a sexy hot woman. If any one would like to make this a reality please get in touch..

We meet for a coffee and as we sit and talk our legs touch and we both look at each other as we feel the sparks fly. You suggest we retire to your place and we leave together. ...
27 August 2016

There She Was

I traveled to Sydney one September day, arriving mid-afternoon ready to stay overnight for meetings the next day. My heart quickened slightly as I walked to the reception desk because I thought about what might transpire that warm spring evening.

We had exchanged a few messages and I had managed to ...
07 December 2015

Innocence Lost on a Friday Night

It all started after work, the end of the week a hot Friday night at the beginning the first week of a hot summer. The intention being, an early evening with a few friends, with a few cheap beers, wines, and very badly sung Karaoke. Eventually the night passes everyone by and one by one the visitors ...
23 October 2015

A Couple's First Threesome.

I sent a flirt through to a couple whose profile had caught my eye not really expecting a reply. The next day to my delight they sent a message through asking if I’d be keen to meet. Exchanging pleasantries and swapping mobile numbers I found myself chatting with Steve who told me this was their first ...
20 August 2015

A Night At The Movies

It was late one night and we were walking in town, hand in hand just wandering aimlessly and talking about anything and nothing at the same time. We came across a movie theatre that was showing old black and white movies. We had nowhere else to be and nothing else to do so we bought two tickets for the ...
22 July 2015

Watch me, Fuck me, Leave me...

Me on my bed, naked and alone on a warm, balmy night. On my back, legs bent, wide apart and up in the air with a clit stimulator buzzing away on my clit having multiple orgasms.... unaware that you are standing outside my bedroom window, watching me and pumping away at your hard cock.

Sitting up, ...
14 September 2014

Bella's reward.

I notice that your skirt looks a size too small and barely covers your lady bits. You turn around and bend over to pick up an imaginary object ensuring that I get a good look at your swollen pink pussy. You lead the way into the kitchen and I follow behind you admiring your sexy bottom.

I feel my ...
03 September 2014

The Bareback Fuck Club

It came as a surprise to everyone when one day "The Vaccine" was announced which effectively took away all fears surrounding STDs. Within weeks of it becoming available, the new freedom was celebrated in a new form of gatherings that popped up all around the Western world. The group my partner and I ...
28 December 2013

The train ride of my life

It was 11pm the Belgrave train was practicably empty as it was midweek and holiday time. The train was a limited express. It stopped at Surry Hills before jumping to BoxHill.

I saw her as the train pulled in a dark haired beauty in her early thirties I guessed. She entered my carriage and sat opposite ...
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