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29 June 2019

B Fulfills Ts Fantasy Part 2

A few weeks had gone by since I had played out my hubby's fantasy of me being with another man, we had spent countless nights reliving the moments I loved most about that encounter..now I thought I would return the favour.

While T was at the gym, I invited Kasie over, the girl who popped in that night...we ...
18 May 2019


I walk into the bedroom to find you laying naked on the bed as per my instructions. Blindfolded and your legs wide open. One hand playing with your nipple and the other rubbing at your pussy. I stand at the doorway and watch. Feeling my arousal grow.  You sense my presence and stop. I quickly tell you ...
23 March 2019

Be gentle it’s my first time

Now this one has a lot of trust that goes with it
We go out.
Sit opposite sides of the bar.
We both pick up all while watching the other.
We go back to a motel room.
We each have a key.
And offer a 4some.
Now your role is to control the play. You need to find me a bi curious girl that we ...
09 January 2019

Unexpected quickie

It’s 4am and the party is showing no signs of slowing at all, the stage next to where I’m standing has had an awesome run of DJ’s for the last 3-4hrs so I’ve not had reason to move really, everything appears in soft focus and hours have disappeared like magic one after the other....

Mind you, I danced ...
07 January 2019

Bottoms Up!

I hadn’t slept that night, I was very restless with a lot on my mind and I woke up very early. While I was still all warm and sleepy I remember running my hands over my full, heavy breasts and feeling my nipples harden and tingle. As I lazily let my hand wander lower and lower I was surprised to feel ...
12 December 2018

Take me to the paddock

You strip me naked and take me out to the paddock with a tarp. Putting the tarp on the ground you tell me to kneel. You grab my hair into a bun and tie it and using it to grab my head telling me to open my mouth. Slowly you start sliding your cock in and out, saying “keep your eyes open and look at me”.

“I’m ...
08 November 2018

Unexpected Pleasures part Two

After a few more drinks you suggest blindfolding me for some more fun.  Ive enjoyed the night so far so I agreed without too much hesitation.

After blindfolding me you kiss me passionately. Our tongues dancing wildly in each other’s mouths. Our hands all over each other.   Your lips move to my neck ...
10 October 2018

Pleasing You

After my shower I wrap a towel around me and walk into the bedroom to find you laying naked on the bed. You have the pillows behind you propping you up. Your legs are spread wide and your finger is slowly trailing up and down the lips of your pussy.

Our eyes meet and we are fixed in a gaze as you ...
27 August 2018

Ropes un-tied… My version of events (to be read in conjunction with ‘Dianet’’s version.....

We’d known each other for a while and during one of our naked conversations, she’d expressed an interest at being ‘Surprised, tied, used and abused’… I apologised but said that really wasn’t my thing…

Some weeks later (and after having much more ‘normal’ naughty fun), we arranged to meet for a ...
25 August 2018

No Strings (Ropes?) Attached… she says

She woke up excitedly that morning – it’s the day she was to meet him for a coffee. That was all he had asked for! Although she hoped for more, she appreciated the mere pleasure of his company was something to be grateful for. To her, he was manly and muscular, of both internal and external strength ...
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